Monday, September 29, 2014

Real World Report

Our new G.T portfolio project is doing a real world news story and describing it. What I did my story on was a Chinese professor spoke out against the police and got arrested for life and his life savings account of 800,000 yuan ($162,000). He was accused for separatism of the Hans Chinese and the ethnic Uighur's. Separatism is when someone tries to separate two or more large groups of people be their race, skin color, gender or ethnicity. If he was trying to separate the groups then he would be an important figure in trying to separate the Han Chinese and the ethnic Uighur's.

My opinion on this issue is simple. I feel he should have gone to jail for his life but I feel he shouldn't have had his account frozen. I feel this way because he has a family to take care of and without that money his family won't be able to live on. So, I think it is okay to take away his life, but not his families. What they did to him in jail was treat him harshly because he didn't admit to his crime and because they new he was a great figure for separating the two Chinese groups and they didn't want anyone following his footsteps.

I think this is important information to know because people need to know it is their right to speak up. I know you hear this campaign all the time stop bullying speak up or its ok to speak up. I am not trying to sound like that because personally i think those campaigns come up as an add way too often. What I am trying to say is you don't have to speak up, but if you want to make a difference you can. I understand why he did it, but if it were up to me I would just be a bystander.

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