Friday, October 24, 2014

Finished News Story


My story was about a weather pattern in Hawaii that is currently in progress. What my story was about is how El Nino is affecting people and just plain out what is El Nino. One of the main contributors was Preston Hayden who did the video editing, which to me is the most important job of all. All together the intended result was to finish it and do it well which in my opinion we excelled at that. From our rough cut we have improved a lot and that was really my goal on this. Our rough cut had camera movement, a bunch of slanted horizons and not very well light interview shots, but I guess thats why we call it a rough cut. So we can go above and beyond in our final cut.

The final cut turned out better than I thought it would. The reason that is, is because we sometimes, well a lot of times we goofed off and didn't get to work, but preston said ok we need to work and we actually got things done. Not to make preston sound like a buzz kill he also had fun except he got things done first, and then play. I am very happy with my video because of all the work we put into it. I honestly feel though if we had more time we could have done better, but in the time period we did amazing.

My critique results were good. It wasn't how I expected with 6 votes for a two but other than that I was proud of my work. We got 6 votes for two 14 votes for a three and 7 votes for a four. I also was not expecting a vote to go on Hiki No. If you want to see other videos go on other peoples blogs to see their video they posted. The other stories (as you can see to the above) was water safety, which won, Xbox versus Playstation, Ms. lardizibal the music teacher, A gluten free diet, Sports authority, Health and obesity rate, Mrs. Sanderl artist and teacher and our news story on El Nino.

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