Friday, September 5, 2014

HikiNo Behind The Scenes

Hi guys its me, sorry you havent heard from me in a while i was at my summer camp. I just want to tell you that, like last year, we are doing another Hiki No project. Except this time we are either doing a profile story or a news story. My team for Hiki No is Preston Hayden, Quinn Consylman and Jason Hoy, so our team has three 7th graders and one 6th grader. Even though Mr.Sanderl said that no returning G.T students should be on the same Hiki No team me and Preston got put together because we didn't have a team to go on yet. We chose to do a news story instead of a profile story. If you don't know what they are basically a news story is a story of news stating facts about your topic. A profile story is a story based on one person and could have opinions included.

What happens behind the scenes? You may be wondering. I will tell you what our proccess is: First we thought of what our project was going to be about. This was especially hard because our team was a t a disagreement. One person was saying do this and someone else was saying do something different. For example someone was saying do a Twinkie factory while someone else was saying do how I moved to kauai and I was saying we should do something about someone else and so forth. Secondly we filled out a pitch sheet which Mr.Sandrel gave us to fill out. He said it would help get us organized, and it did. Without that pitch sheet we wouldn't know what to do. Next we went out and filmed our interview/B-roll.

I think one thing I can do to help my team is mediate the discussions so there is less arguing. What i mean by arguing is that my team sometimes can be jolly old good buddies, and sometimes we can say things that may not be so nice. yes we can get a little worked up at some points in our life but we still need to mediate our actions and feelings. For example one day Me Jason and Quinn were calling preston and we kind of snapped out at him for going on the bus instead of staying and helping film. Also check out my sisters blog who is also in G.T Loren Weiner. Now here are two pictures of our sneak peak behind the scenes work:

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