Friday, September 12, 2014

Lessons Learned

These are my lessons learned about my G.T project for Hiki No about El Nino. First The most interesting part of my project is that it is about weather patterns and how they effect you in your everyday life. That personally to me is pretty cool. Also My personal favorite part is that we might be going on television. It is a great opportunity for a lot of things. For example if you want to get a message to everyone than it would be a great choice for television. Also I just plain out like hanging out with my friends. Actually the very very most interesting part of my project are the b-roll shots. They are the most interesting part because we, just this year, learned how to do time lapses, and to me that is spectacular.

The biggest roadblock my team had would probably be that my team argues a lot of the time and it kind of get irritating after a while. Well i don't think its really arguing but we yell at each other a lot. Also we cant find a very good time film. We tried to find a date but at first we couldn't get in contact with Jason, in the end we did but we had to postpone the meeting. Partially the reason is that Preston Quinn and I are in seventh grade and Jason is in sixth. And the sixth and seventh graders are separated by boundaries, so if Jason is in the sixth grade pod than we can't get to him because of the boundaries.

The most valuable part of filming is the editing. If we were to not have editing then we would make a really bad piece. For example it would be harder to transcribe because what we did to transcribe is slowed down the footage so we can hear it clearly. Also if we didn't have editing then we couldn't edit out the mistakes. For example we made some noise while filming, but with editing you can edit out the noise. Also if you don't have editing and you filmed something that was good but shot it for too long then you will have to use the footage. The composition techniques are also very important because if you ever want to get on T.V than you will have to have rule of thirds and  maybe some other composition techniques.

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