Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Composition Techniques

The first four composition techniques are rule of thirds, framing, unusual angles and leading lines.These are important because they are techniques to having a more interesting video or picture you should use them because it could add more meaning to your picture or draw attention to a specific thing that you want people to focus on.Leading lines is good for doing this. Leading lines are lines that lead to the picture that you were originally supposed to look at. There are ten other composition techniques, and they are Emotion, Action, Close up, Reaction, Contrast in Content, repetition of shape,group shot,parts of a whole,horizontal and vertical.In all there are 14 different composition techniques .These are all the composition techniques, some may be better than others for certain pictures or video's though.For example group shot may be good for an ending of a school play to introduce all the characters at once and for the characters to take a final bow.This is my example of the main four composition techniques,do you like them they were a fun project to do and a great way to learn.

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