Friday, February 7, 2014

Practice Story Reflection

In G.T I made a project where you had to interview someone in your group and write a story about it. We did our interview about how Leleaka Likes to sing. Leleaka is someone in my group that was the oldest person. Since she was the oldest person there and the project we were doing was about how old people have a lot of wisdom. I think I did well on this project but could have a lot of improvement. The people I worked with, the people in my group were, Lilio Masi, Loren Weiner and Leleaka Anakalea go check out their blogs as well.

I think we could have improved by making better choices because our team finished late and had to come in at lunch recess. I also think that I could have spoke up more because most of the time I was sitting there asking what can I do. I think we did good because even though we finished late I think it came out really good. When my teacher first said to pair up with people that live close to you I knew no one lives close to me. It kind of worked out in the end though because we found people who were planning to meet in the area I lived in.

I am afraid of what might happen now that everyone is finished and we get graded and the whole team gets the same grade. I paired up with someone I hardly knew but the first day we got together I thought oh this might work out. It did work out for most of the part but toward the end of our time limit one of the people were absent.We stretched through it though.This was a big challenge.

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