Monday, March 3, 2014

Profile Project Progress

My new G.T work is on interviewing someone older than me to get their words of wisdom.My interview is about my teammates uncle who's words of wisdom is to never be afraid of taking risks.He takes a risk by moving from California  to Kauai with very little money a bag and no one to accompany him.He soon opened up a family run business called kayak Hanalei.My group did this project because well we couldn't think of anything else,also when we thought of him we said that sounds good it is about risk taking and not being afraid.

We needed B-roll to make our plot more interesting and to show them what we are talking about. B-Roll is a footage that allows you to cover-up anything that you don’t want people to see or if you want someone to see what the interviewee is talking about.We also needed voice-overs to help the audience understand or to clarify what the interviewee is saying.A voice-over is a technique to help understand what is happening in your story.these are just two components of the many techniques that you use for video taking.In my opinion these two are the most useful.

I think my team can work better by getting to know each other more.I think that if we know each other more we can work together better because you would feel more comfortable.I also think I could have done more to help because sometimes I would do what is less important rather than doing the shot list or key words.A shot list is planning out your B-Roll for your wide shot medium shot and close shot.This is my groups shot list for our interview.

I think I could also work better by making the interview a little bit shorter because our video is five and a half minutes,frame for the videos time is 3-3 and a half minutes.I think it is that long because of our interviewee responses,though my teammates think that all we need to do is cut out some of what our interviewee said.I also think that we could improve our audio because some voices sound louder than others,for example the voice-over sounds louder than the actual interviewees voice.This is what other people think about our videos audio,story,visuals and overall quality.

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