Thursday, November 5, 2015

Composition Scavenger Hunt

P1T4_Composition_2015 from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

The more random votes the worse
Oh hi, didn't see you there! We are now in groups of three people and in my group are Preston and Raiden. We did a composition video about several different techniques. The composition techniques were Birds Eye, Ants Eye, Low Angle, High Angle, Flat Angle, Macro, Ground Level, Forced Foreground, Point of View and Eye Level. I think that the most important composition technique is leading lines, even though I didn't use it in my composition techniques video. I think leading lines are the most important composition technique because they lead you to the subject. We took a survey in class which showed us two images side by side and we had to state whether or not they had the technique or not. Without leading lines your eye would be taking in the whole picture without seeing what the artist really wants you to see.

The most difficult composition technique, in my opinion, is ants eye. I think that is the most difficult technique because it's just so hard to get that low on the ground to make it just low enough so it's not a low angle, and angled just right to not make it a ground angle. I think ants eye can be used more because it is an unusual angle. The film producers use unusual angle all the time because it keeps the audience's' attention.

My team was made up of Raiden, Preston and I. In our composition technique video we all did everything. For example you see everyone at least once in our video. You can hear all of our voices as well. Some people did more than others though, like how you saw me in most of the shots. Anyway, since we all did everything we all did editing. Preston did the main editing, getting all of the shots on the board, Raiden labeled the shots on which composition techniques were showing and I did the transitions. The project was pretty easy overall, it took us about 2-3 days to complete it and if you're a film maker out there you know that's nothing. Well, that's all for know folks!

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