Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cracking the Code

I think everyone should learn to code at least once in their life. You don't have to learn code as of now but it would benefit you a lot in life. Now that the world is revolving, and technology is advancing, we need to learn about the new world so we don't get left in  the dust. More and more jobs are involving coding and computers, and anyone who doesn't know how to operate a computer will be left without a job not knowing what to do. There is this really cool coding program our teacher showed us, and at the very end you get a special certificate and a basic knowledge on coding. The program is basically a game and it's really fun! Can you crack the code in less than an hour?

I aways liked coding, I found it to be a language within its own that you could use any language to access. My first experience with code was last year in my science teacher Ms. Bandsma's class. It was the same program as this class and another one called code combat. I thought it was really fun because we got to play around in the class and have a great time! At first it was difficult because at the time I couldn't think outside the box as well as I can now.

If I could design any program or game I would get really creative. First of all, I would want it to be an app because then people could play it anywhere. I would base it off a game game called Anger of Stick. In my game you would be a stick figure running. I'm so original right? In my game, though, you could run, walk, slide, jump, punch, pick up weapons and use them. The plot behind it is you are a spy during World War 2 and you were captured, but you escaped, and you want to get back home. Soldiers are firing guns at you and you have to jump and slide to dodge them. You have a hunger bar so sometimes you would have to walk to regain hunger. I think I want my game to be leveled, so there would be fifty levels (one for each state in the United States) continuously getting harder. All in all I just really think it would be fun just to design a game! Leave a comment below and tell me what game you would design and check out my classmates blogs and see what they said!

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