Monday, November 30, 2015

Invention Commercial

P1T4_Invention from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo

We finished our invention idea! In my opinion our main goal was just to make a great, funny commercial. I think we did pretty good, and in the end we got class best! Our entertainment factor was off the charts and everything else was good as well. When we first started our project we knew what we were going to do, but not how to make it. Also, we only had about one and a half weeks to complete this project, so we filmed it over the weekend. I was personally getting anxious when other teams were half way done with their filming in school and we hadn't started. In the end though we pulled through and won best in class by a landslide!

The best team moment we all had together was when preston came out of the closet. We had to film and film again that moment so many times just because we had kept laughing every time he came out of the closet. Now I am mentally scarred from that moment, because it was my closet he came out from! Even on the critique day some people went up to me and did the motion of opening a closet door. I would have to say it was the best moment filming so far for this class. We also added another moment where I asked Preston "but wait aren't ornaments only used on christmas?". Then Preston shoved my face away and said "Silly Boy".  We added a lot of funny things in our video, like when Preston was running away because technically he did sneak into my house.

During the editing stage of this project Raiden and I did the main editing, while Preston searched for a song. Editing wasn't too hard for us. It only took about two class periods for us to get this all done and exported. I thank the plan for that, without it we would have to figure out where everything went. I guess Mr. Sanderl was right, the plan actually does help you. Preston was searching up the song for the team because in our very beginning shot, which we didn't add in, Preston was singing the song that you can find in our video. At first we were thinking of just leaving Preston's "amazing" singing voice in, but then we found the actual song. There wasn't much to do after that other than place the clips into the right place and add some voice-overs if needed. Raiden and I placed the song as well, but it didn't take very long. We didn't use any sound effects from iMovie so it was easier on our part.

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