Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Humorous Monologue

WeinerH_Comedy from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

These were the results for my video
Okay, first of all HERE IS MY VIDEO CHECK IT OUT, and my joke plan is at the bottom but I didn't use all of the jokes. I also didn't include my list of what shots I was going to use so you guys can check it out for yourself! We are doing the comedy monologue project and I have learned a lot from it. For instance I have learned that I am a very big procrastinator. I still got my work done on time, but I admit I didn't do everything I could have done. I also learned that checking out a camera early is crucial in this project. In our class we have a camera sign out station, where we can check out cameras to do our projects. Without the early camera you have to rush to do your project, and me being a procrastinator, can't do that. Another thing I learned was, that it's really hard to come up with visual shots for comedy, and ever harder to film the shots without making them look awkward. Well, one of my shots was about being awkward, but that one wasn't awkward! Well I tried to make it awkward.
We learned a term this year called padding. Padding is when you add around five seconds before you do anything in your video. So, if you were recording a humorous monologue script before you say anything wait about five seconds so if you want to have silence for the first three seconds you have it. (Hmm wonder where I got the idea of a humorous monologue?) You also need to leave padding so that parts of your speech doesn't get cut off, incase the camera man starts the recording after you start speaking. For example if you said "I like fluffy bunnies", without padding it would probably sound something similar to this "like fluffy bun" and I don't think your intentions were to compare anything to a fluffy bun. Over all I think padding is a simple task to make your life easier and editing even easier.
Here are the project requirements!!!

Yes!! 4/4
I think my best strength is making it bad. I know that might sound funny, but today I had two people walk up to me and watch my comedic monologue and say "Hahahahah it's so bad that it's funny". I tried to make it funny, but it was turning out really bad, so I just rolled with it and made it even worse. I don't mean worse as in nothing there but just voice overs, I mean worse as in it looks like a bad editing job, cheesy jokes and really corny visuals. For example I had a scene that had the joke "Doesn't everyone love computers, hackable, glitchy, ruin your eyes computers?" and I had a video of my looking at a computer, slowly turning around with cross-eyes. So, I took a small clip off of it and made it have a black and white effect so it flashed a black and white image for a second. So, if you are reading this right now and have not watched my video but planning on watching, and get scared easily, watch out. My weakness would be that once I have the camera I don't know what to do with it. I don't know what shots to do or what angles to get.

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