Thursday, September 17, 2015

Comedy Writing

We now have to make a comedic monologue in our class, but first let me tell you what a sense of humor is. A sense of humor, in my opinion, is the most important character trait. Whenever you are feeling down and someone tells you a funny joke, you just can't help but start laughing. A laugh can bond together random strangers, or lighten the mood in a really tense situation. If we didn't have a sense of humor as people then, yes we would work a lot more efficient, but we wouldn't know how to enjoy ourselves. We wouldn't know how to have fun and "joke around", literally. Well I guess if you were born into that world you wouldn't know about laughter or humor, unless you were in one of those movies where you were traveling through different dimensions. Then, you would have to find a world with humor and laughter. Anyway, it would just be depressing if you were born into a world without laughter.

Five tips for writing a humorous narrative are, creating original jokes, choosing the right expression for the joke, timing, how you tell it and being yourself. Creating original jokes is the best tip someone could give you because you never ever want to tell a joke that's already been told. Choosing the right expression can get difficult at some jokes so establish the mood first, then make a funny face relating to the jokes mood. Timing can also be difficult, but just try to string up jokes that have something in common. You can also tell the joke in a funny voice to make it go from funny to hilarious! Lastly, just be yourself because no one likes a try hard in general, but if you don't try it all the joke might fall short.

My comedic monologue ranges from bad puns, to "sophisticated" jokes. My monologue is all about an everyday life of something, whether it be man, muffin, baseball or baseball mitt. In this project you could choose whether you did a whole comedic story or a lot of little one liner. As you can see I went for the one liners, mainly because I have no good stories to tell. If you do comment down below, I'm always in the mood for a good laugh. Here is my monologue!:

So, one day I met two muffins who were best friends, they could talk to each other, and they agreed with each other! So one day they were hungry and the first muffin said “I’m hungry where should we eat?” and the second muffin said “I know, Starbucks!” So, they were eating at starbucks and the first muffin said “mmmm this is delicious what is it?” The next muffin said “I don’t know, but it kind of looks like… YOUR BROTHER!!” *Gasp*

Doesn’t everyone love computers, hackable, glitchy, ruin your eyes computers?

I never got why everyone in middle school needs a boyfriend/girlfriend. (Really shocked/annoying voice) Wow I want someone to stare at and not say anything to as well!

I also never got why people like to eat junk food. You know the kind of food that makes you sick, and unhealthy, (starting to drift off) the kind of food that is tasty, and flavorful and convenient and… (Snaps out of it) Huh I’m kind of hungry. Eh I’ll just have some potato chips.

You know what really bugs me? Misleading titles. “Hey look there’s an article in the newspaper titled bugs endangered! Wait this article is only about technology starting to get rid of errors.”

and what is it about people always saying “oh you’re so cute” or “oh my god look how handsome you are”, yeah this is my natural state, I already know I’m beautiful

What did the mitt say to the baseball “Catch ya later”

I think my jokes are funny because I based them on reality. Okay, maybe not all of them are from reality. I still based most of them though, and most, if not all of them are relatable to you. Yes reader you. Take a look at them and see. 

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