Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Motivational Poster

The expectations of our motivational poster are four images. Three of them are symbolic images that represent you in some way, and the other one is a picture of your face. We also need our manifesto in our poster and our personal quotes. Our text should also be kerned to make it so that there are no spaced without text. We also need a Triadic Color Scheme which is one color with two other harmonious colors on the color wheel, to make the image more visually pleasing. Last but not least we need Blending options and Adjustment layers. We basically need to adjust some of the setting to our text, make an outer glow, bevel and emboss, drop shadow etc.

I did my whole poster just using photoshop. Don't get me wrong though photoshop isn't easy, but it has a lot of power if you use it right. What I did was, take all of my photos ( the three symbols and my portrait) and put them underneath my manifesto and quotes. Then I kerned my text, and picked my triadic color scheme. I used some layer adjustments and color balances in order to turn my pictures a different color to match my color scheme. I then, changed the opacity of my text so you could see the images with my text.

My biggest challenge in this project was definitely kerning the text to make it fit the page. At first I didn't know that your text had to cover the page, I thought that you had to leave room for your images to fit in. I forgot that we could turn down tho opacity to make the text see through, but hey, this is only the beginning of the year so don't blame me. I think I could improve by listening to the teacher a bit better. Also, by asking the teacher what to do, when I need help with the project. I don't think I did so bad though, I got a 3/4, which means I only missed one thing.

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