Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Music Videos Rock

P5T1 Centuries from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

The next project we are working on are music videos. On my team are Preston, Kynan and Tim. We were all assigned jobs by our director/ leader Preston. I got the job as the camera man since I was the most experienced with the camera. Tim got the job of Tripod Man which means he set up the tripod. Kynan is the main character in our story and he carries all the equipment there and back. Our story is about Kynan being bullied, and being the guy that nobody wants to hang around with. He goes up to a group of kids, Preston, Tim and I, and we say he can't hang out with us. Then we accept him and allow him in our group.

I think the audience will enjoy the resolution in our story the most. The resolution in our story us accepting him in our group. I think that the audience will enjoy this the most because it has the most symbols about being friends and being appreciated. After all the Kynan goes through he finally gets into our group. Wait no, this just in, I have now been "promoted" to the kid being bullied because Kynan wasn't there one of the days we needed to film, so we changed our story to make me the bullied one. Anyway I am now getting bullied and I get accepted into Preston and Tim's group.

Our music video shows what we have learned this year because we've showed interesting angles and we did Photoshop. Kynan and Tim did the Photoshop picture while Preston and I were doing the editing. We had put a lot of time editing and cut all of the scenes into smaller segments, because our teacher had told us that we could have 5-2 second scenes. The Photoshop editing was not very hard, but someone had deleted all of our pictures except for the one we needed, but we needed two different pictures. So, we improvised by taking a screenshot of one of our video clips and used that.We would have done an animation but nobody wanted to and we had to little time.
Here are the results.

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