Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lyrical Livelihood

Personally my favorite song is demons by Imagine Dragons. These lyrics make me feel connected to everyone because in truth everyone has a dark side. Everyone has that little devil on their shoulder, and evil side to them. It just makes us all together. Some people can fight their inner demon more than others, and at some point those people have difficulty fighting their demon. The demon never goes away and he is always there, and that song shows it. It shows that someone is having trouble with their monster inside them and is attempting to fight it.

The song my team chose to work on is the song Centuries. My teammates are Kynan, Preston and Tim. We picked it because it was a very catchy tune and it was the only one we could agree on. At first I wanted to do a tiny tim song, which two of my other teammates have heard of. Except one of my teammates didn't want to do it, but the other one who had not heard of it was okay with it. Our teacher said that all teammates had to agree on a song so we couldn't do that. So, we ended up doing Centuries, which everyone had heard of and was good with. All I am trying to say is that no one could decide on a song so we just all went with what preston had suggested on.

The visual story our music video will tell is about someone who is bullied and beaten up, and who nobody likes. He then walks up to a group of the cool kids and says hey can I be in your group? At first they reject him but then one of the members say that they should allow him in their group. This story tells us that even if you think you are a reject, and nobody likes you, you still have to try to make friends and eventually you will succeed. This relates to our audience because everyone had that moment when they had no friends at all. This is just to say that you need to try. The performer of this music video is Fall Out Boy.

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