Friday, April 24, 2015

Our Animation Story

Our focus statement tells our story because it is about how Kynan is afraid of everything, especially death, and meets up with death in his dream and the nay way to stop the out of control plane is to beat death in a game of chess. This story is completely made up and is not true, but has a deeper meaning to it than just playing chess to save lives. That meaning is to stand up for yourself and others around you, that are either stranger or family. My group chose this because everyone has that moment that will either make or break them and sometimes you have to do the right thing even though it would be much easier to just let go. The moral of this paragraph is, to never give up, and don't let it go. (haha Frozen references)

Our audience will learn about how it is never good to give up. As in my last paragraph I said that even if you are scared then you still can do it, it just takes a little more effort, and a bit more encouragement. Our audience will learn this by seeing our story and saying "even though Kynan was scared of... Everything, he still pulled through in the end and saved the plane. I think it is important for everyone to know this lesson because I think now people are starting to get dependent on machinery and technology. Even though we think were all strong and mighty and the superior  species, some of us would not last a day without technology. Within a month all of us who use technology would go mad. Our story teaches us about how we can pull through if we can do it mentally.

My best moment as a team would probably be just hanging out having fun, and shooting stop motion.  Overall it was just a fun experience to have a tiny bit of stress to work my butt of and try to come out with the best quality my team and I could produce. The worst moment would probably be geared toward the end of our project because we were all doing our own separate thing and we didn't communicate a s well as we did before. Sometimes we would start scenes someone else had already be working on, and sometimes somebody would come in at lunch, leave and then the other people come in right after they left. Now that I look at that scenario it is actually really funny, but when it happened it was so annoying. Anyway wish us luck on our project. Peace out.
Oh wait stay, never mind, look at my amazing animation video at the top of the page. Ok, now peace out.

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