Friday, April 24, 2015

Animation Outtakes

We are starting our animation process again this year! Except this time I actually know what I am doing. Now I love animations, especially creating them, they just look really cool. My teammates for this project are Kynan Ledee, Mason Doo and Kamalei Berg. Now here are some interesting facts about my teammates. Did you know Kynans favorite food is Pizza? Also he likes TACOS! Did you know, for some strange reason, Mason and Kamalei are mistaken for each other? As well as sometimes Kamalei likes to Bogey board. Mason (or Kamalei I DON'T KNOW) is in boy scouts and likes to read specific books.

Stop-Motion is when you look like your moving but really it is just a strand of pictures hung together. For example if you take a picture of someone taking a step, then another picture of them moving slightly, then another picture, then another, then another until you have a man moving without video! A GIF is a video just playing in a loop. Usually GIF's are about one to five minutes long and just keeps on playing over and over again. That's what a loop is, a video just playing over and over.

We are telling Kynan's story for our animation. Well kind of Kynan's story. We warped it so that it is more interesting, but it is based off of Kynan getting on an airplane for the first time. He falls into a deep sleep when his plane is out of control and falling fast! Except in his dream he meets up with death or Kamalei and gets challenged to a duel in chess. All of this is just to say that even if things get hard you still need to keep trying. Even if you are afraid of everything like Kynan, not really but, still do it!

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