Friday, March 13, 2015

Typography Images

Typography is a way of arranging text. That means in Typography Portraits you arrange words inside of a portrait. If you don't know what a portrait is you can look on my last blog post the Double Exposed Portraits. Typography Portraits are basically words inside of a picture, no meaning right? No the words inside of the image describes them, it tells everyone who looks at it look this is who they are. It can be used with images to make a lasting impact in, like I said, a typography portrait. How a typography portrait makes a lasting impact is you look at the image, but the image is made of words! So you pay attention to the image made of words, and it tells you what the person is, what they do, what they like and so forth.

My biggest challenge during this project was cropping and trying to get the text to fit. The first time I did this I was new and I was still learning. Now I have had experience and know what I am doing. The text was a big issue for me because I had to remove some spaces from the text and it was when I was almost done. So, I had to restart the whole process and remove the space. Also when I cropped the images I couldn't get the whole face inside the crop. It turned out looking like sides of his face got cut off . This problem sadly I did not fix, the crop box couldn't be fixed.

Right now I am writing about my three images, although I currently only have two at the moment. My first image is of Nikola Tesla the first person to come up with the idea of powering things with electricity. Yes that was not Thomas Edison that was, in fact, Nikola Tesla. I chose that image because I think that he is under appreciated. The second image is of my social studies teacher. This process was under the intermediate category so it was  much harder to do and understand. The third image I am going to do is of myself (this is going under expert so it will be very difficult, wish me luck!). I had to rush on the last one so it will look hurried. The last one doesn't even look like me. :(

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