Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Double Exposed Portraits

Portrait photography is a picture of someone or a group of people that displays expression or mood. Usually the picture is focused on the persons head but it may have the persons body and a background image included. A profile is an outline of something, usually a persons face. Portrait and profile are similar because they both are of people, while one is of the side of the face and the other is of the whole face. Silhouetting is a picture of a person or an animal but it is only in one color. All these are very similar and yet so different, for example silhouetting is of a person but only in one color, a portrait is of a person or group of people showing mood or expression and profile is of the side of a persons face.

Double exposures are created in Photoshop by taking three images, two landscapes and one profile image. Once you have your images you take your profile image and bring it to the front of all your pictures, then take the dodge tool. What the Dodge Tool is is it lightens the image. You use the dodge tool to the make all the areas around your face completely white. Also the burn tool can darken the image (not an important fact but just good to know). The white space is called the negative space. Next you take all of your images, double click them and click screen mode. This will make all of your images see-through. Then (this is the fun part) you just mess around with adjustment layers make it look really colorful and beautiful or dark and depressing, or just explain who you are! Personally I liked the double exposed profile rather than the multi exposed profile because you get to be more abstract.

Multi Exposed
Personally my quality of work could have improved by a landslide. You can't very well see my second image and that second image is discolored! The second image I am talking about is not the shoe, but is the brownie mix. It was a very very difficult task to try to make the brownie mix visible because it is only one color and you really can only see the bubbles. These images represent me because I like running (that's the shoe) and I love cooking (the dreaded brownie mix). Also I was supposed to take a picture of the opposite side of my face yet somehow it turned up as the same side I was facing with my double. Wonder how that happened? I swore that was the opposite side of my face, oh well (Maybe my teacher wont notice, sssssshhhhhhh don't tell him). Anyway Here are my double and multi exposed portraits:
Double Exposed

Here is some pictures to help guide you:

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