Friday, December 12, 2014

Movie Poster Promo

Our gifted and talented teacher now has us doing a movie poster for a fake movie trailer. The main characters in my movie trailer are Jerry and Billy who are just trying to babysit, the parent and the baby who is kidnapped! This story is about a baby getting kidnapped and Jerry and Billy trying to find the baby before the parent comes home. The setting is the home of the adult and the baby. Jerry and Billy Are just trying to find the baby that is kidnapped and get him home. There is just one thing, they have no clue where the baby is. When they are trying to find the baby however it shows where the baby is the whole time. They just need a little extra help (and brains) to find the "kidnapped" baby.

The text in my movie poster are critiques for the movie. For example walt disney created this movie trailer and they got critiques from times magazine. It said "This is the best film, it kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting to learn more on the whereabouts of the baby".  Kerning is a technique for a great movie poster. What kerning is, is it's the spacing of the letters, this is very important because you don't want to see a movie poster with unevenly spaced letters. Now that just looks unprofessional. Kerning is a very important skill to have handy with you because it is more appealing, for example what looks better this, or t  hi   s.  Use this kerning program to sharpen your kerning skills: Kerning Game.

The layer effects I used on my movie poster made a huge impact. The layer effects that were required were: Drop Shadow, Stroke, Bevel & Emboss. I have completed all of the requirements for this task so far. The effects made the words pop out off the page and made the words look like rock. The filters I used was on the actual picture as you see in the picture above. The filter I used was a distortion that made the picture look rough. Others used the filter to make it look like they were traveling through time and space. What filters do is they retouch your photos and made them look finished. Now here is my finished movie poster:

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