Monday, January 26, 2015

Movie Trailer Critique

The next project that my class has completed was a movie trailer. In my movie trailer group there was Timothy Blum, Kalani Young and Cephas Woodward. We all pretty much worked together, we had fun, goofed around and got our work done. Kalani and Cephas were good for most of the time, but they needed to be told what to do and how to do it. And sometimes they would just play around instead of doing their work. I am a procrastinator but I care about my grade in this program, it is really fun and I do not want to get kicked out. When it got to the editing part we lost a bit of unison. What I mean by that is only tim and I started editing because Kalani would not show up, and Cephas would show up but not know what to do and leave. So it was up to me and tim to do all the editing. What I contributed to the script was part of the synopsis and the voice acting script, and some of the scenes. Our plan for our document was stressful though because it needed a lot of focus, which sadly was something we lacked.

The requirements for this project was to have one minute and thirty seconds minimum and two minutes and thirty seconds maximum of footage and your movie poster at the end. Also we needed to have in our movie trailer text layovers, five scenes, dialog and foley. What a foley is, is it's a sound that is used in some movies. For example in animated movies the foley makers are hard at work making all the foley's needed for it to be a successful movie, like if someone in the movie was falling maybe the foley makers are whistling and then drop a shoe to indicate that they fell. The movie poster at the end that we showed was tim's poster because we thought it was the best poster out of all of ours.

I agree with the results that my team got. We got all threes and some fours, which personally I thought the results would be lower but who am I to complain. We tried to fake the audience out by putting in some text layovers at the end, but in the end we didn't need them except we kept them in anyway. When it came down to the last day when we were almost done editing we realized, we only had four out of five scenes. Then we rushed to get by the last scene and it didn't completely make sense at first but if you followed the story you could kind of follow along. It wasn't the best movie trailer but we had a good time.

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