Monday, November 10, 2014

My Visual Poem

My visual poem was about imagination. How this made an impact was by saying how everyone has imagination even when you sleep. When you sleep you can imagine pretty much anything and you can even lose your imagination. Thats how I end the video by saying that you lost it. Then I say you can still get it back though. My visuals made an impact because without the visuals it would just be plain video and it would be boring. With the effects though, you could make it look like you were flying or make it tinted.

How my special effects make the meaning of it by coloring it and making it sad or happy. Also I panned some things with the ken burns effect. What the ken burns effect does is it gives you a start and an end point where you can change the start and end point to make it smaller or bigger and you can make it pan zoom in and out. My visuals tried to make my poem a little bit deeper with meaning, and tried to give it a little help with understanding. It made my overall meaning even better than if I were to have it without any effects.

I think rating my poem I would give it a 8/10. I rated it this way because I think it is the best I could have done but there will always be room for improvement. Even if I think it is the best thing imaginable someone else could come and say oh this is wrong and so is this. Also I can think of some things that I could have improved on, and that is the exposure on some of the shots. Some of the shots are a bit too bright.  Also some of the shots are a bit tilted. Which in some shots it just sets the mood but in some other shots it looks amateur. This is my poem plan I used to help myself to complete this:

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