Friday, April 4, 2014

Five Tips For

I GOT INTO Hiki No!!! Thats right the Hawaiian P.B.S winner for this project was me. [sorry if this sounds a bit like i'm bragging to you, I was just really exited.]I did my project on making good friends. Who I worked with was Raiden Kurisu and Dylan Niide.It was really fun doing this project mainly because I just got to hang around with my friends after each recording.I would have to say the most fun part of it was doing the bloopers just because we were bored.We didn't add the bloopers in to our video though, but they were pretty funny.We first thought we were going to win for the sixth graders in our class and the seventh graders would win.Once we found out that we won we were so exited but we still had to compete with the other winners in G.T or gifted and talented program,since there were more than one G.T class.Now this is our Hiki No winning piece:

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