Friday, April 4, 2014

Words of Wisdom

This new project,words of wisdom, was a lot of hard work. On my team I had Leleaka Anakelea, Lilio Masi, and Loren Weiner. Go check out their blogs and keep updated with them! I think this project was hard because I got paired up with people I didn't know and it taught me a lesson, don't be afraid to work with new people. It also allowed me to know the person we interviewed. We did our interview about Leleaka's uncle who came to Kauai with only a tiny amount of money and a dream, and his dream was to surf. Now he has fulfilled his dream and more, he now has a family and has grand kids. We worked on this a bunch of times during lunch, and once after school. So, as you can see we worked painstakingly hard on this project. Luckily we got the project in on time,well sort of. Our teacher let all the groups,if they weren't finished with their project, work after class.My project is also about taking risks because the man could have just stayed in California in cold water surfing,but no he decided that he was going to take a risk, to go to another state, explore new lands, see what he could do with his life there.Now this is my project:

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