Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Practice Profile Story

I did a practice profile story before my real profile story.What I did my practice on is Lele likes to sing, Lele is the oldest person in our group.I didn't get to pick my partner though because the teams were already set and me and my sister couldn't pick,there were only two other people left.So I kind of got put with them.I am not saying that's a bad thing they turned out to be really cool so I'm happy I got partnered up with them.The story we chose was about how Lele likes to sing and it was a bit hard shooting it because we had to do the B-Roll first not the interview because there were only so many lavaliere microphones.A lavaliere microphone is what they use on camera so it is tiny and not visible.I like being at KMS it is fun.Come check it out!

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