Friday, April 29, 2016

Animated Life Lessons

P1T9 Student Enter Game from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

For our new project we are doing animation. My teammates are Arianna and Raghav. We are doing an animation about students entering the internet, or entering a game they created. The goal is to try to escape while their other friend doesn't know it's them playing the game. Raghav is the friend playing the game and Arianna and I are the ones in the game. The personal character trait I feel we are most exaggerating in this animation is procrastination. The character traits Arianna has, and the ones we will be exaggerating, is her leadership and her attempt to work hard.

This time around I don't think we were really aiming for humor. Although we did add some funny parts. For example, I tried to keep the theme of Raghav crying. In the story he was supposed to feel left out and sad, so I thought 'what shows sadness? Crying!' We also tried to make it funny by using expressions in our voices. Like, Raghav at the very end said "What the heck that was actually you guys?" Except his voice sounded almost expressionless.

Considering we have never worked together I would say we did…Okay. Our level of productivity was not very good. We were the last ones to get our script approved, but we still needed to make adjustments. We also cut it pretty close to the wire, by finishing our scenes on the day our project was due. One of our teammates was out during the two days we had to animate. Overall it was a lot of stress. Although the best moment we had would be when we finished it and we could sit back, relax and submit it. Sorry I don't have any behind the scenes pics, I was more focused on turning in the project, after all a 3/4 on my blog is better than a 0/4 for our animation.

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