Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Metamorphosis Animation

The most recent project we did was the Metamorphosis Animation Project.What we did for this project was create an animation with stykz, digital, stop motion, and claymation.We had to do at least two types of animation for this project and my team did digital animation claymation and stop motion.Our story was Craneman Gathers Knowledge.We did the first scene as the clay ball, another character, going through portals and appearing through another portal.Our second scene was craneman forming.How craneman forms is he comes out as an egg and he starts to unravel as the nest becomes flatter and we go through the steps on how to make an origami crane.Our third scene was craneman going to a desert and gathering knowledge from a snake.Our forth scene was craneman gathering knowledge from an action figure and clayball and craneman fighting with him.On my team was Raiden Kurisu, Oriia Niitsu and Timothy Blum.Raiden did all the origami because he was the origami whiz.Except when he was sick, thats when we faced our biggest challenge.We didn't have the origami master so we couldn't do our scene.I don't think our animation went that well because we were kind of rushed and we switched our topic in the middle of the project because we figured the project was going nowhere.

On the bright side we didn't get all needs improvement on the critique we did.Although our team didn't get any votes for the best animation we still did pretty good.Except for the fact that when we changed our video we lost the theme of metamorphosis.At first our topic was a ball going through a portal and ending up on a ship, then turning into a sea serpent.After that the sea serpent was supposed to face a wizard and get turned into a kitten and so on.So, you can see why we changed our topic.

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