Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All About Me

   I am a student at Kapa'a Middle School, I like it here it is fun. I used to live in new york and it was cool, but now I can finally be a tourist there! I am very hyper all the time and always optimistic. I am addicted to Minecraft because it is fun and want to play it every second of my life.I have a google account that I use in the program gifted and talented at my school.We also use photoshop and final cut pro and its cool I learn a lot everyday.

   Usually I like to stay at home and use electronics like play computer games or watch T.V. I am an honors student that always does his homework.  I also have a fun side to me like ... did you know I can shoot a B.B gun?Also that I went to honolulu and went to a shooting place? I am a creative person usually but when it comes to creative writing, I stink. For some reason I just cant come up with anything.

I am also very athletic. No not in the I can throw the baseball 10 yards or I can run 26 miles, I just like to do sports stuff. Unlike a lot of other people I DON'T LIKE PIE! everyone looks at me funny when I say that and their probably thinking "Is that guy crazy everyone likes pie." Well its not that I don't like pie its just that I just don't want it. I tried one that was really bad and I never wanted to try it again.

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